Cultural Facilities

Botanical garden of Hippocrates

The Botanical garden is located in the entrance of the city of Skala. It is a specially formed garden of four acres where trees and bushes which Hippocrates used for medical treatments are grown. A great variety of fennel, marjoram, laurel, myrtle, cedar, sage and mint were grown at first but many other kinds of plants have been added gradually.


The Epidaurian Theatre

The Epidaurian Theatre is on the hill of Prophet Elias in Vlachiotis which was completed in 2003. It is a “gem” of unique aesthetic and capacity of 1250 spectators with a panoramic view of the Laconian valley. Many cultural events are held in the open air theatre every summer.


Markopouleio Amphitheatre in Krokees

The Markopouleio amphitheater built by Krokeatis stone. Specifically, the paved runway, the star at the center of the stage and the bleachers. A small part manufactured by different stone. Opposite, stands the Taygetos, proud and haughty, where the position we are in, it seems like the human hand has worked.