Health Facilities

The Municipality of Evrotas, has a Health Center of Vlachioti (Municipal Section of Elos ), while in the other municipal sections, the medical needs of residents are covered by the rural health clinics.

Contact Numbers:
Health Center of Vlachioti: (+30) 27350 41240,(+30) 27350 41666, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rural Health Clinics:
Skalas: (+30) 27350 22455
Niata: (+30) 27320 31413
Krokeon: (+30) 27350 71325
Gerontron: (+30) 27310 71266


Health Center of Vlachioti

The Health Center of Vlachioti was founded in 1991. It is visited by approximatlely 100 people per day , 50 for physical examination and 50 for prescription. There is one (1) available ambulance and three (3) drivers. The Health Center of Vlachioti has taken annual preventive health actions, such as preventive examinations and vaccination, according to the program of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. Remarkable initiatives have taken place such us making Medicine more approchable to students and citizens and rasing awareness of health issues.  
The rural health clinics of Gorytsa, Skoyra and Karyes are under its supervision as well as the following ten (10) rural health clinics and three (3) General Physicians  in Geraki, Skala, Glykovrisi. A pathologist, a general physician and a pediatrician are available.
The Health Center collabopates with the "Help at Home'' Program and its beneficiaries.