Avaliable social services in the Municipality of Evrotas:

- The "Help at Home" Program
- Nursery Schools
- Free Food Distribution Program
- Uninsured anf Financially Weak Citizens Booklets
- Social Convenience Store
- Granting of Financial Assistance
- Volunteer Office

- Urgent Financial Assistance

Independent Department of Social Protection, Education and Culture 
In charge: Maria Mavromatidou, Tel.: (+30) 27353 60030

The "Help at Home" Program

The "Help at Home" social care program aims to provide systematic and organized primary care for the elderly and the disabled. The program is implemented by local authorities. Directed towerds senior citizens who cannot lokk after themselves fully and intividuals with mobility difficulties and other problems. The program gines priority to those who live on their own or do not have families to take care of them or thoes who live on too low and income to came basic needs to improve the quality of their life. A total of 120,000 elderly and people with disabilities, have benefited from the program. The Program aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people and people with mobility difficulties or other problems, assist in ensuring care recipients live an indepented and dignified life and finally promote the employment of competent and qualified staff.

The services offered are:
  - Counselling and emotional support
  - Home visits by nurses 

  - Nursing care and physiotherapy
  - Family, domestic assistance, satifaction of everyday practical needs
  - Outdoor duties (paying bills, shopping, etc.)
  - Escorting to various services


The program is staffed by trained personnel: Social workers responsible for the overall supervision of beneficiaries, evaluating cases, providing social support, coming in contact with competent agencies and making referrals if the cases are not related to the services of the program. Nurses offer primary healthcare services such us home visits, checking and recording vital signs, prescribing medication and escorting the individual to hospitals for scheduled examinations. Family assistants are responsible for undertaking tasks, providing the elderly with basic items as well as keepinf thw house clean. An additional responsibility of family assistants, perhaps the most important of all is offering companionship to thr individuals which illustrates the social nature of the program.

1. Financial criteria: priority is given to individuals with an income lower than 5000 euros.
2. Family status: priority is given to those who live on their own.
3. Health condition: priority is given to those who cannot look after themselves. 
In charge of the program :
Administrative Support - NPDD: Lyberi Nektaria,  phone number. (+30) 27353 60029
Skala: Maria Radescu,  phone number. (+30) 6937 284814
Elos: Panagiota Mpepi,  phone number. (+30) 27350 42210
Geraki: Ioanna Kourou, phone number. (+30) 27310 71764