Dentakou Eleni - Biography

She was born in Piges, Kavala on December 22 1955 to Evagelos and Calliopi Ladiou. After completing her studies in the Faculty of Agriculture in Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki. She has been appointed Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Office at ATE bank in Skala where she worked twenty (20) years before retiring. She speaks English.
In 2006 was elected Prefectural Advisor and remain Chairwoman of the ANEL Board for 2007 to 2008. In 2009 she became President of O.P.A.N.A.L. (Organization for the Cultural Development of the Prefecture of Laconia). In the municipal elections of 2010, she was elected Councillor receiving a majority of votes and later on was elected President of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of EvrotasShe is married to Constantinos Dentakos, a Civil Engineer, and she has two children, George, a Civil Engineer and Athena, Engineers of Buildings Restoration and Renovation.

Contact Number: (+30) 27353 60026
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