Presentation of Municipality

The Municipality of Evrota is located in the southern part of the Prefecture of Laconia in the Peloponnese. It is bordered to the Northwest by the Municipality of Sparti, Southwest with the Municipality of Eastern Mani and Southeast with the Municipality Monemvasia, as it is situated on the South-side of the Laconian Gulf. The Municipality of Evrotas River is 654,3, the length of its coasts is 17 km. and the population is about 17.755 inhabitants. The Municipality is consisted of several villages and its headquarters is located in Skala which is 255 km. from Athens and 41.5 km. from Sparti.

The Municipality got its name from the Evrotas River, which flows through the entire region to lye into the Laconic Gulf. The rich natural environment, which has been created by the river, presents a highly exceptional variety of flora and fauna. The rich plain, in combination with the Mediterranean climate of the area contribute to a rich variety of agricultural production. Main crops are olives and citrus. The area of Skala and the surrounding region is where the well known Valencia oranges are mostly cultivated, produced and distributed throughout Greece. The main outdoor horticultural and greenhouse produce, too, in the Skala area while in the mountainous parts of the Municipality flourishes the cultivation of the most known olives (Kalamon) and livestock.

According to findings the history of the Municipality is originated in the Neolithic era, growing through time and reaching its highest peak during the Byzantine era to offer us unique monuments worth visiting which have survived and been maintained over the years. Some of these are Akraia, the fortress of Geraki, the Palaiomonastiro and the Cave of the Eggs.

Throughout the year, many cultural events and sports activities take place in the Municipality of Evrotas, which emphasize the cultural and intellectual heritage.