Cultural Events

A respectable number of cultural events and sport activities take place in the Municipality Evrota throughout each year. The Municipality by taking advantage of its facilities and cultural contents organizes activities which emphasize the importance of its cultural heritage. Established events are:      

The Carnival of Krokees. Was first organized in 1962 and it’s one of the most famous in the Peloponnese.      

Vlachikos Gamos (Wedding). At Daphni, on Clean Monday, the first day of feasting for Easter, there’s a representation performed from the process of matchmaking to the wedding ceremony.     

The Wine Festival. At Daphni in early October a two-day celebration takes place performing the traditional way of pressing the grapes. The feast includes food contests based on wine and traditional dishes, appetizers and plenty of wine is offered. 

The Feast of Immigrant and Kastria. At Geraki for two days in mid-summer musical performances and other events of cultural interest take place, honouring each immigrant.

The Orange Festival. In Stephania, for five days in late June - early July the Women’s Association organizes the festival, which includes lectures regarding the production and cultivation of oranges and a tasting contest with dishes that are based on oranges.      

The Tsipouro (the beam from grapes) and Honey Festival. At Vasilakio for three days in late October - early November, visitors can taste raki from the boiling cauldrons but also more traditional and local products as olives, olive oil, figs, wine oregano and honey.     

Evroteia Torch Race by Blood Donors. Organized under the motivation and actions for the promotion of the spirit of voluntary donations and getting the message of love and togetherness across.     

Nikoklia. A cultural and sporting event. It takes place for one week in July at Glykovrisi. Nikoklis, the Olympic Champion from Akraia, won five medals in five race events in 96 BC. Our area honours this great athlete of antiquity by organizing the Nikoklia since 1986.    

Pierrakeia. A three day Track and field event, for youths and juniors which takes place at the end of May - early June, in honour of the javelin athlete Chris Pierrakou.   

Cultural Weekend At Saint Dimitrio Zarakos. Informative lectures on topics of interest to the local community are organized in the first week of August. In particular, the village theatre group, consisted of local amateur actors and actresses, presents performances.       

Beach Volleyball Tournament. During the summer months the city Evrotas utilizing its beaches, organises two day tournaments for men and women of all ages promoting the sporting spirit and “fair play”.     

Arts Festival. In mid-July and for four days, the Municipality of Evrotas wanting to show the skills of its citizens and especially of the young people, organizes the Art Festival through which it urges them to use their talent in traditional, classical and modern arts.